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Welcome to the University of Detroit Mercy! How to Use This Guide

This LibGuide is intended to assist current students with their research needs and to provide information on the programs offered by the UDM Department of Education. 

Students may find scholarly articles in education databases under Find Articles or locate books by using the catalog at Find Books, eBooks, DVDs.

Students who need guidance in joining professional associations may find educator associations at the international, national, state, and regional locations; additionally the associations are grouped by content areas. 

Students interested in the UDM class requirements for teacher certification as well as the State of Michigan requirements see Certification and MEAP.

Students who are new to the Common Core will find links to the State of Michigan information on the CC along with websites from Edutopia.



The Department of Education

The Detroit Mercy Department of Education has achieved national accreditation from the Teacher Accreditation Council!

The program is now entitled to use the TEAC affiliation and accreditation in the University of Detroit Mercy Teacher Education Program.  Our mission is to develop educators who:

  • Are ethical, value-directed persons;
  • Possess a scholarly mastery of subject matter;
  • Recognize that all children can learn; and
  • Engage students in an interactive, dynamic process of learning

The Education Department is granted TEAC Initial Accreditation for a period of five years, from October 2012 to October 2017.  This accreditation certifies that the University of Detroit Mercy’s professional education program has provided evidence it adheres to TEAC’s Quality Principles

The mission of the Department of Education is to prepare effective and responsible Education professionals in the areas of teaching, curriculum and administration.  These professionals will have an impact on school reform, community, and society.  The faculty assists students in becoming ethical, caring, value-directed persons who possess a commitment to urban society and social justice.  

The Education Department's Conceptual Framework contains three interdependent components:

  • Organizing Theme and Philosophy, which describes the three dimensions of a professional educator as scholar, inquirer and moral agent;
  • Theoretical Grounding, which explicates the underlying values and ideas supporting the three-dimensional view of the educator; and
  • Code of Ethics, which describes how these values and ideas can be translated into action by professional educators in the course of their practice.

This Conceptual Framework guides faculty and students in the Education Department. It is considered to be a "work in progress" that is continuously re-examined and refined by the faculty and students of the Education Department.

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