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Civil Engineering: Find a SPECIFIC article

Finding a Specific Article Online

  • Leave the main searchbox blank and click on the red search button.
  • At the top of the next page, above the searchbox, click on the tab that says "Find Item by Citation".
  • Fill out the form with as much information as possible and click on the Submit button.   For example, if you were looking for the following article:
  • Anthony, Kathryn E., and Timothy L. Sellnow. "Information acquisition, perception, preference, and convergence by Gulf Coast residents in the aftermath of the Hurricane Katrina crisis." Argumentation and Advocacy 48.2 (2011): 81+.                                                            
  • The results page will list databases that should include the article.  Click on any database link.
  • You should see a link* where you can read or download the article. 
  • *In somecases, you may be directed to the webpage of the journal that contains the article you want.  If so, look for a searchbox where you can search for your article, or for an issues list where you can navigate to the correct issue.