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Shared Governance at Detroit Mercy: Dual JD Executive Committee

Dual JD Executive Committee Members 2018-2019

Prof. Andrew Moore

Prof. Julie St. John

Dean Phyllis L. Crocker

Assoc. Dean Richard Broughton, ex officio

Dir. Christina Loebach, ex officio


From Windsor Law:

Prof. Bruce Elman

Prof. B. Laverne Jacobs (Winter)

Prof. Valerie Waboose (Fall)

Prof. Shanthi Senthe

Dean Chris Waters, ex officio

Assoc. Dean Gemma Smyth, ex officio

Dual JD Executive Committee Charges 2018-2019

Dual JD Executive Committee

This committee oversees the day-to-day operations of the Dual JD Program as well as sets the criteria for admitting students to the 1L class.  The committee consists of: the two deans, the two associate deans for academic affairs, the director of the program, and two faculty members from each school.