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Shared Governance at Detroit Mercy: Honor Council

Honor Council Membership (3 year terms)

Prof. Margaret Costello, Chair (through 2019-20)

Prof. Kyle Langvardt (through 2019-20)

Prof. Roxana Bell (through 2020-21)

Prof. Patrick Meyer (through 2020-21)

Prof. Julie St. John (through 2018-19)

Prof. Wissam Aoun (through 2018-19)

Honor Council Charges 2018-2019

Honor Council

The Honor Council investigates allegations of violations of the Honor Code, and if charges are filed, conducts hearings, and determines appropriate sanctions.  The Honor Council will report to the law school community, on an annual basis, statistics of its proceedings as specified in the Honor Code. 

For 2018-19 the Council will:

1.  Draft a script for the Hearing Chair, guidelines for conducting an investigation, proposed revisions to the Honor Code, and Frequently Asked Questions for inclusion in the training material; and

2.  Report to the law school community the annual statistics of its proceedings as specified in the Honor Code.