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Shared Governance at Detroit Mercy: Orientation (1L) Committee

Orientation (1L) Committee Members 2018-2019

Prof. Erin Archerd, Chair

Prof. Troy Harris

Prof. Michelle Richards

Prof. Julie St. John

Asst. Dean Charisse Heath

Assoc. Dean Megan Jennings

Orientation (1L) Committee Charges 2018=2019

Orientation (1L) Committee

The Orientation Committee plans and oversees the Orientation Program for the entering first year class of both the American and Dual JD programs. 

For 2018-19 the Committee will:

1.  Evaluate the strengths and areas for improvement from Orientation 2018 for the American and Dual JD programs, and

2.  Plan the 1L Orientation for 2019 in coordination with Student Affairs.

3.  Work with the Diversity Committee to ensure the law school holds yearly education sessions on diversity, inclusion, and cultural competency for for American JD and Dual JD students during Orientation.