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Shared Governance at Detroit Mercy: Rank and Tenure Executive Committee

Rank and Tenure Executive Committee Members 2018-2019

Prof. Cristina Lockwood, Chair

Prof. Jacqueline Hand

Prof. Kyle Langvardt

Prof. Deborah Paruch

Rank and Tenure Executive Committee Charges 2018-2019

Rank & Tenure Executive Committee

This committee is elected by the faculty to gather the information needed to evaluate professors seeking tenure and promotion.  This is a relatively new committee working with a relatively new Rank & Tenure Policy. 

For 2018-19 the Committee will, in addition to working on any tenure or promotion applications:

1. Review the Policy for inadvertent errors and omissions such as the exclusion of the term promotion and its related requirements in the policy and in the templates;

2.  Clarify requirements in the Policy such as the need for a written report by the committee regarding a professor’s midterm review, the requirements of the content of the report to the Dean including a recitation of the specific applicable standards and how they are met, the expectation that the Chair of the Executive Committee will inform candidates of the Rank and Tenure Committee’s decisions (not the Dean as the Dean has a separate vote), and any other matters the Committee identifies; and

3.  Present these changes to the Rank and Tenure Committee for deliberation and voting.

4.  Oversee election of new Executive Committee at May 2019 faculty meeting.