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Shared Governance at Detroit Mercy: Task Forces

Student Success Task Force

Student Success Task Force

For 2020-21 the Student Success Task Force will continue to examine how we best identify and support our students who are academically at risk in law school and on the bar exam. This examination should specifically include (1) the efficacy of the retake policy and (2) changes we need to make to our grading protocols to ensure we timely enroll 1Ls in the Winter Term Critical Legal Skills course. The Task Force will work closely with Prof. Louis N. Schulze, Jr. as he examines our programs and makes recommendations for improvement. The Task Force will report directly to the faculty.

Student Success Task Force Members

Prof. Karen Henning, Chair

Prof. Deborah Paruch

Prof. Michelle Richards

Dir. Sarah Garrison

Assoc. Dean Megan Jennings

Futures Task Force Charges 2018-2019

Futures Task Force

The 2018-19 charge to this Task Force is broad:  dream, plan, learn, discover, be challenged and excited about the future of legal education at Detroit Mercy Law.  So much is changing in legal education and the legal market generally. The ABA has increased the number of on-line credits JD students may take; on-line courses are just the beginning.  Jobs are changing and new jobs are coming into existence. Technology is ubiquitous but what does that mean for how we should be teaching and what our students need to learn?  What academic programs do we need to develop that will help us grow and modernize and make use of new technologies for learning?  

Futures Task Force Members

Prof. Catherine Archibald, Chair

Prof. Cristina Lockwood

Prof. Anne Yantus

Director Chris Congdon

Asst. Dean Tanya Lundberg

Teaching and Learning Task Force

Teaching and Learning Task Force

For 2020-21 the Task Force will continue to help faculty and students navigate teaching and learning during the Covid-19 pandemic.The Task Force will report directly to the faculty.

Teaching and Learning Task Force Members

Prof. Jelani Jefferson Exum, Co-Chair

Prof. Troy Harris, Co-Chair

Prof. Erin Archerd

Prof. Catherine Archibald

Assoc. Dean Richard Broughton

Assoc. Reg. Megan Featherstone

Prof. Karen Henning

Assoc. Dean Megan Jennings

Dir. Christina Loebach

Prof. Andrew Moore

Prof. Michelle Richards

Asst. Dir. Jessica Rouser

Assoc. Dean Nick Schroeck

Prof. Alex Vernon