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Communication Studies: Finding Journal Articles

Multidisciplinary Databases

These databases have scholarly journal articles and magazine articles in many different subject areas, including interdisciplinary subjects.  JSTOR includes many older articles that are useful for researching the history of a topic.

American Journalism Review

The American Journalims Review became an online-only publication in July of 2013.  

Search for articles from the previous print version here:

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Citing Articles

Remember to give credit to the original source when you use someone else's work or idea, whether you use a direct quote or paraphrase.  Most style guides require some form of citation in the text of your paper as well as at the end in a bibliography or list of references. 

Selected Journals and Newspapers

Several key communication studies journals have moved entirely online, and a few others are scattered among different databases.  Here are links to some core journals.

Newspaper Databases

Search these databases to find online newspaper articles.