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Russian Independent Media Archive

New Russian Independent Media Archive

PEN America and the Gagarin Center at Bard College have launched the RIMA (Russian Independent Media Archive), a new digital archive of over half a million documents produced by independent new outlets published since 2000.

Critical Studies in Media Communication

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Women's History Books and eBooks

Eve's Century

This unique collection of extracts is taken from women's journals and magazines - both British and American - on the eve of the twentieth century.. The rapidly changing conditions then surrounding a woman's world are illustrated here by sections on: * monarchy * women and war * colonial women * the politics of emancipation * and girlhood.

Who Let Them In?

Offers compelling insight into how women sports journalists broke into a male-dominated field and managed to stay there, despite the many obstacles put in their way. It shows the sacrifices and commitment it takes to succeed in sports journalism and discusses what the future may hold for women in a media landscape that continues to evolve almost daily.

Never Done: A History of Women's Work in Media Producation

Challenging the dismissive characterization of women who worked behind the scenes in the film industry--from employees' wives who hand-colored the Edison Company's films frame-by-frame, to female immigrants who toiled in MGM's backrooms to produce beautiful costumes, Erin Hill uses rare archival materials and first-hand accounts to show how their labor was essential to the industry and required technical and interpersonal skills.

Front-Page Girls

The first study of the role of the newspaperwoman in American literary culture at the turn of the twentieth century, this book recaptures the imaginative exchange between real-life reporters like Nellie Bly and Ida B. Wells and fictional characters like Henrietta Stackpole, the lady-correspondent in Henry James's Portrait of a Lady. It also examines how women's journalism shaped the path from news to novels for women writers.

Women Writers and Journalists in the Nineteenth-Century South

The first study to focus on white and black women journalists and writers both before and after the Civil War, this book offers fresh insight into Southern intellectual life, the fight for women's rights and gender ideology. As editors, contributors, correspondents and reporters in the nineteenth century, Southern women entered traditionally male bastions when they embarked on careers in journalism. In so doing, they opened the door to calls for greater political and social equality at the turn of the twentieth century.

The Sweet Sixteen: The Journey that Inspired the Canadian Women's Press Club

In 1904, sixteen women travelled together by train to cover the St Louis World's Fair. Drawing upon letters, journals, interviews, and most significantly, newspaper stories written by the women themselves, Linda Kay narrates the ten-day trip that resulted in the formation of a professional club for the advancement of Canadian newspaper women.

Sound Citizens : Australian Women Broadcasters Claim Their Voice, 1923-1956

"In 1954 Dame Enid Lyons, the first woman elected to the Australian House of Representatives, argued that radio had 'created a bigger revolution in the life of a woman than anything that has happened any time' as it brought the public sphere into the home and women into the public sphere."

Occupying Our Space

Grounded in the overarching theoretical lens of mestiza rhetoric, Occupying Our Space considers the ways in which Mexican women journalists negotiated shifting feminine identities and the emerging national politics of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries

New Communication Studies Books

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