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Photo of the inside of the Detroit Public Library

The Detroit Public Library: An American Classic

The Detroit Public Library unites the interests of history buffs, art enthusiasts, library lovers, and Detroit-area locals with a tribute to one of the city's most impressive structures. This book will appeal to those looking to learn about the builders, the history, and the stories that brought the Detroit Public Library to fruition.

Building to educate : school architecture & design

Students learn best where learning is interesting and fun - so the standards required for school construction are equally high. The continual development of educational concepts and new didactic approaches are changing everyday life in schools and, with it, the functional and aesthetic qualities of this building task. Classrooms and public areas both inside and outside are becoming increasingly flexible and multifunctional. They offer opportunities to retreat for individualized learning and zones of concentrated work, as well as open space landscapes for inter-year mingling and self-organized group activities. The school projects presented in this volume show how contemporary pedagogical concepts are translated into compelling and very diverse architectural

Canadian modern architecture : 1967 to present

he centennial projects : building the new / Marco Polo and Colin Ripley -- The architecture of public institutions / George Thomas Kapelos -- Campus architecture : the radical medium of learning / Lisa Landrum -- First nations architecture : a long journey forward / Odile HeĢnault -- Megastructures and high-tech / George Baird -- Postmodernism : reconnecting with history, memory, and place / Larry Wayne Richards -- Urban revitalization / Ian Chodikoff -- Environmental architecture / Steven Mannell -- West Coast land claims / Sherry McKay -- Prairie formations / Graham Livesey -- Eastern edge / Brian Carter -- Arctic architecture : standards, experiments, and consensus / Lola Sheppard and Mason White -- The architecture of Quebec : competition, culture, and conservation / David Theodore -- Toronto architecture : form and reform / Elsa Lam -- The new West Coast / Adele Weder.

Fullness by Kieran Timberlake

"KieranTimberlake: Fullness demonstrates how the firm's formative values have combined with innovative design methodologies, a commitment to full-scale, in-house prototyping, and a collaborative ethos to create and realize works of ambitious scope and complexity. Organized in two volumes, this book illustrated the comprehensive range of architectural beauty present in KieranTimberlake's buildings and the evidence for their mastery of design at all scales and orientations. The first volume presents photographs of each project, depicting the visual whole of the architecture as a fully resolved work. The companion volume reveals the sum of its parts--the pivotal junctures that give rise to final form, including both the moments of discovery and the pragmatic tools of analysis and prototyping that the firm uses. Narratives, drawings, diagrams, details, and anecdotes capture the design process and reveal the varied approaches that give form to the art and science of KieranTimberlake's architecture. Projects in this book include a house made from prefabricated modules in rural California that minimally disturbed its picturesque site; a major renovation of Philadelphia's Dilworth Park in front of City Hall; Cellophane House (TM), a fully recyclable, energy-gathering dwelling; and the new US Embassy in London, designed to signify democratic ideals and exceptional environmental leadership with systems to reduce energy consumption."

Architecture inside-out : understanding how buildings work

Taking readers behind architecture's facades and finishes, this charmingly illustrated book explores how some of the most important buildings in the world were constructed. Specially commissioned isometric drawings present the essential structural elements of the world's masterpiece buildings that are not visible to the naked eye. These illustrations are displayed alongside plans, details, and photographs, all of which are clear and accessible, yet accurate and elegant enough to satisfy the most discerning eye.

New Chinese architecture : twenty women building the future

The architects. Di Shaohua -- Ding Wowo -- Dong Mei -- Du Juan -- Fan Beilei -- Rossana Hu -- Jiang Ying -- Doreen Heng Liu -- Lu Wenyu -- Peng Lele -- Qi Shanshan -- Tang Yu'en -- Wang Luming -- Wang Wei -- Wang Youfen -- Wei Na -- Ye Min -- Zhang Di -- Zhang Jinqiu -- Zhao Zhao.
This celebration of 20 of China's latest generation features detailed profiles of each architect, exploring their routes to success, their inspirations and the challenges posed for those working and designing in this richly diverse and rapidly evolving region. Each profile is followed by a selection of recent works, including everything from small-scale conceptual plans to country houses, schools, offices and large-scale city development projects. From exploring new ways to build with radical, sustainable materials to sensitively honouring the vernacular traditions of the country's complex history, each architect brings their unique vision to the question of what architecture means in China today.

The power of existing buildings : save money, improve health, and reduce environmental impacts Author Robert Sroufe author.

"In The Power of Existing Buildings, academic sustainability expert Robert Sroufe, and construction and building experts Craig Stevenson and Beth Eckenrode, explain how to realize the potential of existing buildings and make them perform like new. This step-by-step guide will help readers to: understand where to start a project; develop financial models and realize costs savings; assemble an expert team; and align goals with numerous sustainability programs. The Power of Existing Buildings will challenge you to rethink spaces where people work and play, while determining how existing buildings can save the world."

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