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American Business Values: A Global Perspective

This book challenges readers to examine problems and to be aware of biases. It provides the tools to make informed ethical judgments, and tells readers what is required to form good moral habits and character.The primary focus of this book is on American business values, but it also examines how those values are influencing people throughout the world, and how American values are, in turn, being influenced by other peoples.For business advisors and consultants, as well as corporate managers.
Fr. Gerald F. Cavanagh, S.J. is Professor a Professor at University of Detroit Mercy.

Honorable Business : a framework for business in a just and humane society

In Honorable Business, James R. Otteson argues that business activity can be valuable in itself. The primary purpose of honorable businesses is to create value-for all parties. They look for mutually voluntary and mutually beneficial transactions, so that all sides of any exchange benefit, leading to increasing prosperity not just for one person or for one group at the expense of others but simultaneously for everyone involved.

Cambridge Handbook of Research Approaches to Business Ethics and Corporate Responsibility

 In this book, the first of its kind, leading scholars in the fields gather to analyse a range of philosophical and empirical approaches to research in business ethics and CSR. It covers such sections as historical approaches, normative and behavioural methodologies, quantitative, qualitative and experimental perspectives, grounded theory and case methodologies, and finally a section on the role of the researcher in research projects.

The Sincerity Edge: How ethical leaders build dynamic businesses

Recognizing their role as "corporate citizens," companies are seeking guidance on how to be true to their missions, principled in practice, and well regarded for their contributions to society. As this book reveals, the key lies in sincerity--the sum of values like authenticity, integrity, and trust.

The Business Ethics Field Guide: The essential companion to leading your career and your organization to greatness

The business world can be a scary place. Every day, ethical dilemmas spring up that can ruin great companies and tarnish amazing careers. Learning how to navigate those situations can mean the difference between greatness and failure.In their new book,  the authors walk you through the traps and pitfalls you might face, and help you come out the other side unscathed.

Principles of Responsible Management: Global sustainability, responsibility, and ethics

The focus of the book is on the main issues encountered in the three aspects of responsible management: sustainability, responsibility, and ethics.

The Moral Background : An inquiry into the history of business ethics

In recent years, many disciplines have become interested in the scientific study of morality. However, a conceptual framework for this work is still lacking. In The Moral Background, Gabriel Abend develops just such a framework and uses it to investigate the history of business ethics in the United States from the 1850s to the 1930s.

Wall Street Values: Business ethics and the global financial crisis

This timely book answers complex and perplexing questions raised by Wall Street's role in the financial crisis. What are the economic and moral connections between Wall Street and the overall economy? How did we arrive at this point in history where our most powerful financial institutions thwart rather than promote free markets, prosperity and even social cohesion?

Business Ethics : Managing corporate citizenship and sustainability in the age of globalization

The subject of business ethics addresses what can be considered morally right and wrong in the way businesses make decisions and conduct their activities. Business Ethics is a lively and engaging textbook covering the foundations of business ethics and applying these theories, concepts and tools to each of the corporation's major stakeholders.

What Money Can't Buy

A renowned political philosopher rethinks the role that markets and money should play in our society. In his New York Times bestseller What Money Can't Buy, Michael J. Sandel takes up one of the biggest ethical questions of our time: Isn't there something wrong with a world in which everything is for sale? If so, how can we prevent market values from reaching into spheres of life where they don't belong?

The Imperative of Responsibility

Hans Jonas here rethinks the foundations of ethics in light of the awesome transformations wrought by modern technology: the threat of nuclear war, ecological ravage, genetic engineering, and the like. Though informed by a deep reverence for human life, Jonas's ethics is grounded not in religion but in metaphysics, in a secular doctrine that makes explicit man's duties toward himself, his posterity, and the environment.

The Oxford Handbook of Business Ethics

The Oxford Handbook of Business Ethics is a comprehensive treatment of the field of business ethics as seen from a philosophical approach. The volume consists of 24 essays that survey the field of business ethics in a broad and accessible manner, covering all major topics about the relationship between ethical theory and business ethics.

Business Ethics and Ethical Business

Business Ethics and Ethical Business covers the major problems associated with the place of business in society, the ethics of internal management, and the challenges of international business in view of common ethical standards (justice and veracity, beneficence and loyalty, and freedom and respect for persons, among others) and classic ethical theories (Aristotle's virtue ethics, Immanuel Kant's rule-based ethics, J. S. Mill's utilitarianism, and W. D. Ross's intuitionism,etc.).

The Seven Signs of Ethical Collapse

Marianne Jennings has spent a lifetime studying business ethics---and ethical failures. She takes her decades of findings and shows us in this book the reasons that companies and nonprofits undergo ethical collapse.


Business, Ethics and Peace

Good business needs a peaceful and just world in which to operate and prosper. Likewise, peace thrives in a healthy economic environment. However, many companies, either directly or indirectly, are involved in the arms race and in a battle to exploit and control scarce resources. As a result of the ambiguous power of business, a timely reflection on its impact on war and peace is needed as well as a conscious pro-peace commitment.

Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

This book contains 8 original lectures on Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility given in Melbourne, Australia, by Professor Dr Rosamund Thomas, September-October 2014

Business Ethics: Readings and Cases in Corporate Morality

The fifth edition of Business Ethics addresses current, intriguing, often complex issues in corporate morality through 53 readings and 30 pertinent case studies. Addresses a broad range of the most current, intriguing, often complex issues and cases in corporate morality. 

Ethics Can: Managing Workplace Ethics

The book covers six themes: 1. Understanding workplace ethics beyond just what is right and wrong. 2. Does ethics make good business sense?  3. Establishing whose role is ethics, which explores the role of leadership, the social and ethics committee and HR. 4. Managing workplace ethics. 5. The crucial tasks of measuring, monitoring and reporting on ethics and ethical performance. 6. Ethical decisions and dilemmas, which examines how to make those really tough ethical decisions.

Business Ethics in the Social Context

The book tracks the rise of Business Ethics as a discipline in the United States through a review of the basic understandings of the role of business practices in the operations of society, beginning with Aristotle and proceeding to a review of the formative concepts and cases in the history of American business.

Organizational Ethics and Stakeholder Well-Being in the Business Environment

A volume in Ethics in Practice Series involves the institutionalized principles, guidelines, and norms that influence how a company and its employees function in an ethical manner. Ultimately, these processes collectively influence a firm's 1) overall sense of business ethics, 2) management of employees, and 3) interactions with partners outside of the immediate work environment.

Communicating Corporate Social Responsibility

This book offers a ground-breaking collection of themed chapters in the emerging field of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Communication. These chapters explore the theory, practice, and issues involved in communicating CSR and make for fascinating reading.

Business Ethics: a stakeholder and issues management approach

This is a pragmatic, hands-on, up-to-date guide to determining right and wrong in the business world. Joseph Weiss integrates a stakeholder perspective with an issues-oriented approach so students look at how a business's actions affect not just share price and profit but the well-being of employees, customers, suppliers, the local community, the larger society, other nations, and the environment.