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Mechanical Engineering: New Books 2022-23

New Mechanical Engineering Books and eBooks


Automation is a Myth

automation is a myth

Automation is a Myth by Luke Munn

Call Number: HD 6331 .M8865 2022  

For some, automation will usher in a labor-free utopia; for others, it signals a disastrous age-to-come. Yet whether seen as dream or nightmare, Munn argues that labor is socially stratified and so automation's fallout will be highly uneven, falling heavier on some (immigrants, people of color, women) than others. In Automation is a Myth, Munn moves from machine minders in China to warehouse pickers in the United States to explore the ways that new technologies do (and don't) reconfigure labor.

Human-Robot Interaction

Human-Robot Interaction by Christoph Bartneck Tony Belpaeme, Friederike Eyssel and Takayuki Kanda

Call number: TJ 211.49 .B37 2020  

The role of robots in society keeps expanding and diversifying, bringing with it a host of issues surrounding the relationship between robots and humans. Human-Robot Interaction (HRI), provides a concise and accessible guide to the current state of the field. It presents relevant background concepts, describing how robots work, how to design them, and how to evaluate their performance. Self-contained chapters discuss a wide range of topics, including the different communication modalities such as speech and language, non-verbal communication and the processing of emotions, as well as ethical issues around the application of robots today and in the context of our future society.