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English: Find Books & eBooks


Borrowing or Accessing Books

The McNichols Campus Library building is open. However, due to Covid-19 health and safety protocols, the Library's stacks are closed. If you are interested in checking out a book from the Library stacks, contact the circulation department at the front desk in the Library, email, or call 313-993-1954. A member of the circulation staff will retrieve the book and check it out to you. 

For eBooks, visit the Downloading eBooks tutorial for information on how to access the Library's collection of electronic books. Access requires logging in using your Blackboard username and password. 

New Books in the Collection


"In a look at what makes a black man in today's society, Osayande brings us through central questions of belonging, love, and happiness in his native home of Detroit."


"A graphic memoir about the treatment of mental illness, treating mental illness as a commodity, and the often unavoidable choice between sanity and happiness."

The Ethics of Storytelling

"Against the backdrop of the polarized debate on the ethical significance of storytelling, Hanna Meretoja's The Ethics of Storytelling: Narrative Hermeneutics, History, and the Possible develops a nuanced framework for exploring the ethical complexity of the roles narratives play in our lives."

Real Life

Almost everything about Wallace, an introverted African-American transplant from Alabama, is at odds with the lakeside Midwestern university town where he is studying for a biochem degree. For reasons of self-preservation, he has kept a distance even from his own friends - some dating each other, some dating women, some feigning straightness. But a series of confrontations with colleagues, and an unexpected encounter with a young straight man, conspire to fracture his defences, while revealing hidden currents of resentment and desire that threaten the equilibrium of their community.


"In these nine stunningly original, provocative, and poignant stories, Ted Chiang tackles some of humanity's oldest questions along with new quandaries only he could imagine." 

Vicarious Narratives

Vicarious Narratives argues that fiction redefines sympathy as the struggle to overcomedifference through the active engagement with narrative - by listening to, re-telling, and transcribing the stories of others.

eBooks on Writing

The Wiley Guide to Writing Essays about Literature

This outstanding practical guide to writing analytical essays on literature develops interpretive skills through focused exercises and modeled examples.

Student Research and Report Writing

This is an invaluable, concise, all-in-one guide successfully guides students along every step of the research process and allows students to better manage their research projects.

How to Write a Thesis

This invaluable book covers issues such as working out the criteria for your thesis, writers block, writing a literature review, making notes into a draft and much more. The author introduces practical writing techniques such as freewriting, generative writing and binge writing as well as what to do when you have the end in sight and when it's all over.

Search the Catalog for a Book

Looking for a book in the Library? Search the Library Catalog for books and eBooks. Enter keywords, authors, titles, subjects or other terms to find what you are looking for.

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Find Books & eBooks

Reference and Other Titles You May Have Missed

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eBook Highlights

Living a Feminist Life

"In Living a Feminist Life Sara Ahmed shows how feminist theory is generated from everyday life and the ordinary experiences of being a feminist at home and at work. Building on legacies of feminist of color scholarship in particular, Ahmed offers a poetic and personal meditation on how feminists become estranged from worlds they critique--often by naming and calling attention to problems--and how feminists learn about worlds from their efforts to transform them."

Zora Neale Hurston

In-depth scholarship by renowned literary critics; great starting point for students seeking an introduction to Zora Neale Hurston and the critical discussions surrounding her works.

The woman of colour: a tale

"In The Woman of Colour, Olivia Fairfield, the biracial heroine and orphaned daughter of an English slaveholder and an African princess, must travel to England, and as a condition of her father's will either marry her Caucasian first cousin, Augustus Merton, or become dependent on his mercenary elder brother and sister-in-law."

Why We Read Fiction

"Why We Read Fiction offers a lucid overview of the most exciting area of research in contemporary cognitive psychology known as "Theory of Mind" and discusses its implications for literary studies."

My Victorian Novel

"The previously unpublished essays collected here are by literary scholars who have dedicated their lives to reading and studying nineteenth-century British fiction and the Victorian world. Each writes about a novel that has acquired personal relevance to them--a work that has become entwined with their own story, or that remains elusive or compelling for reasons hard to explain."

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