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English: Poetry


Determining Your Poetry Information Need

Are you looking for a poem? Information about a poem or poet, such as publication date or date of birth? Literary criticism about a specific poem or collection of a poet's work to help you form an opinion or build an argument? It's important to know what type of information you need to complete your assignment. You may need more than one type of information. Often you will  need to search in different places to meet your information need. 

It's also important to keep in mind the meaning of terms you will encounter in your research. Here are a few to keep in mind:

Full-text: Every word of the article as it appeared in print or online (as opposed to an abstract).

Abstract: A short summary of the article. Reading abstracts helps you to filter your search, let's you know whether the article is worth reading in light of your information need. Reading an abstract usually doesn't suffice as research you would cite in a paper. 

Database: Offers a collection of articles (or books). Most of the articles available to you through the library's databases are full-text. If you find an article in a database that is not full-text, try checking another database to see if the article is available full-text there. If that doesn't work, check with a librarian. Some of the databases listed here may contain the full text of poems, but are usually better places to find criticism or analysis of poems or poets. Use your Blackboard username and password to log into the databases if prompted. 

Catalog: The catalog is a good place to find collections of poetry by specific poets or poetry criticism. Search by the name of the poet. Note: you may also find articles through the catalog. Search the catalog from the library's home page.

The Award Winners tab of this guide includes links to recent National Book Award and Pulitzer Prize for Poetry winning books in the library's collection. 





Poet Javier Zamora's memoir about his experience migrating at age nine from El Salvador to the United States, told through poetry.