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Mechanical Engineering: Finding Engineering Articles

Choosing a Database

  • Science Direct: (on-campus only) Contains original research articles in science, technology, engineering and medicine, as well as a selection of  journals in the social sciences, humanities and business.  Full text starts in 1995.
  • Engineering Village: The most comprehensive index of engineering research available, going back over 120 years.  (Most citations do not include full text articles, go here to learn how to find out if an article's full text is available through the UDM Libraries.)
  • ASME Journals: includes subscription to three journals: Journal of Dynamic Systems & Measurement Control, Journal of Heat Transfer, and Journal of Mechanical Design
  • IEEE:  Electrical engineering journals, magazines, conferences, and standards, includes information on robotics and sensors.
  • Scopus: contains citations and abstracts for more than 20,000 peer-reviewed journals, including articles in press, as well as books and trade publications.  Citations go back to 1970.  Also includes tools to track, analyze and visualize research.
  • Wiley Online Libraryan interdisciplinary database including engineering and technology articles.
  • Scifinder: (on-campus access only, you must create your own free account) includes physical and chemical properties of substances, reactions, and references to chemical literature.  Also includes a patent search.

Free Government and International Databases

Citing Articles.

Remember to give credit to the original source when you use someone else's work or idea, whether you use a direct quote or paraphrase.  Most style guides require some form of citation in the text of your paper as well as at the end in a bibliography or list of references.

Owl logoPurdue Online Writing Center (OWL): The Purdue OWL offers detailed instructions and examples of how to write and cite in MLA or APA format.


citation machine logoCitation Machine: A free, quick, and easy to use citation generator that work for APA, Chicago, and MLA styles.


ProQuest RefWorks logoRefWorks: Use RefWorks to keep track of the articles you find as you do your library research, and use it again as you write to format your entire paper, inserting quotations and creating a list of references at the end.