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Shared Governance at Detroit Mercy: Information Technology Team

Information Technology Team

The Information Technology Team provides recommendations to the Provost/VPAA and the Vice President for Business and Finance about planning for academic technology needs, technology needs regarding the development of online courses and programs, courseware, recommendations regarding software, web standards, planning for IT infrastructure, and strategic IT planning for the university.

Information Technology Team Structure

Thirteen-member team which reports to the Provost/VPAA and the Vice President for Business and Finance would include:

  • one representative of the Corktown campus
  • one representative of the Riverfront campus
  • one library representative from the Libraries who report to the Dean of University and Instructional Technology
  • one Instructional Designer from CETL
  • two administrative or staff representatives (one from ITS, and one of which is to be from the Corktown campus or Riverfront campus IT departments)
  • one faculty member selected by the MFA from among its members
  • four elected representative from the McNichols  campus faculty with in-classroom technology experience, and at least two of which have taught a hybrid or online course within the last two academic years
  • two student representatives, one from resident advisors in the dorms and one graduate student from the colleges/school (rotates in order of when college/school was established). Student representatives may serve up to two one-year terms.

Information Technology Team Minutes

IT Team Operational Policies and Procedures

Information Technology Team Roster

Corktown Campus
Eliana Sanchez-Castano (term expires 8/24)

Riverfront Campus
Zachary Turk (term expires 8/25)

OPEN (term expires 8/24)

Instructional Designer from CETL
Anthony Cressey (term expires 8/25)* - Co-Chair

Administrative/Staff Representatives
Ranard Bynum, ITS (term expires 8/24)
Thomas Zielonka, SOD, (term expires 8/25)* - Co-Chair

MFA Representative
Wonseok Choi (term expires 8/24)

McNichols Faculty (with in-classroom technology experience)
Barb Ciotta, CHP (term expires 8/24)
Elaine Webber, CHP (term expires 8/24)
Shadi Bani-Taan, CES (term expires 8/25)* - Secretary
Mina Maleki, CES (term expires 8/25)

Student Representatives
OPEN, Resident Advisor (term expires 8/24)
Cole France, Graduate Student (term expires 8/24)

*Ineligible to serve a third term.


Committee and Team Roles and Responsibilities

Information Technology Team Charges

2023-2024 Information Technology Team Charges

Conduct an assessment of previously recommended Yuja (lecture capture system), including metrics and user satisfaction with the platform.