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Shared Governance at Detroit Mercy: Faculty Development Team

Faculty Development Team

The Faculty Development Team is responsible for coordinating a broad range of interdisciplinary discussions among faculty across the schools/colleges, the orientation and mentoring of new faculty including adjunct faculty, and the junior/senior mentoring program.

Faculty Development Team Structure

This team reports to the Provost/VPAA and through that office to other bodies as appropriate. The membership of the nine-member team:

  • one representative of the Corktown campus
  • one representative of the Riverfront campus
  • one faculty member selected by the MFA from among its members
  • four elected representatives of the McNichols campus faculty one of whom is to be an adjunct faculty
  • two administrative representatives

Faculty Development Team Minutes

Faculty Development Team Operational Policies and Procedures

Faculty Development Team Roster

Corktown Campus
Carolyn Zeitz (term expires 3/19)

Riverfront Campus
Richard Broughton (term expires 3/19)

MFA Representative
Genevieve Myers (term expires 3/20)

McNichols Faculty
Janet Joiner, CLAE (term expires 3/20)
Arthur Ko, MSON, CHP (term expires 3/21)
Tanya Vaughn-Deneen,, MSON, CHP (term expires 3/21) 
Peter Barlow, Adjunct, (term expires 3/21)*

Administrative Representatives
OPEN (term expires 3/19)
Russell Davidson (term expires 3/19)

*Served two terms, ineligible for a third term.

Faculty Development Team Charges 2018-2019

2018-2019 Faculty Development Team Charges

  1. Identify a liaison to serve on the advisory committee for Colleague Development Day programming.
  1. Identify a liaison to serve on the advisory committee for New Faculty Orientation.
  1. Participate in New Faculty Orientation in August by attending a portion of the programming to better understand content and provide feedback.
  1. Following a discussion with the Provost, review Peer Evaluation instruments and make a recommendation for an instrument or more than one instrument that might be used at Detroit Mercy for Peer Evaluation.
  1. Survey mid-career faculty members about the particular needs and challenges they face post-tenure; gauge interest in a mid-career faculty seminar and/or community of support.
  1. To define faculty development for University of Detroit Mercy, develop a vision statement describing what faculty development could and should look like and include at University (Please provide a list of any supporting or reference material).
  1. Upon request, offer suggestions for the Mentor/Mentee program currently being developed and implemented for the 2018-2019 academic year.
  1. Research useful resources and/or texts that could be shared with new faculty hires, e.g. Maryellen Weimer’s Inspired college teaching: A career-long resource for professional growth (2010).
  1. Identify possible topics and speakers for faculty-led presentations on topics relevant to faculty development, e.g. Life-work balance; Finding time for writing; 5-minute teaching hacks; Who are our students?