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Shared Governance at Detroit Mercy: Faculty Development Team

Faculty Development Team

The Faculty Development Team is responsible for coordinating a broad range of interdisciplinary discussions among faculty across the schools/colleges, the orientation and mentoring of new faculty including adjunct faculty, and the junior/senior mentoring program.

Faculty Development Team Structure

This team reports to the Provost/VPAA and through that office to other bodies as appropriate. The membership of the nine-member team:

  • one representative of the Corktown campus
  • one representative of the Riverfront campus
  • one faculty member selected by the MFA from among its members
  • four elected representatives of the McNichols campus faculty one of whom is to be an adjunct faculty
  • two administrative representatives

Faculty Development Team Minutes

Faculty Development Team Operational Policies and Procedures

Faculty Development Team Roster

Corktown Campus
Carolyn Zeitz (term expires 3/21)* - Secretary

Riverfront Campus
Erin Archerd (term expires 3/21)

MFA Representative
Genevieve Myers (term expires 3/20)

McNichols Faculty
Alex Zamalin, CLAE (term expires 3/20)
Arthur Ko, MSON, CHP (term expires 3/21)
Tanya Vaughn-Deneen, MSON, CHP (term expires 3/21) - Co-Chair
Peter Barlow, Adjunct, (term expires 3/21)* - Co-Chair

Administrative Representatives
Elizabeth Royal, IDS (term expires 3/21)
Ann Serra, Director of OSPRA  (term expires 3/21)

Invited Participant
Louis Davis, MSON, CHP (term expires 3/21)

*Served two terms, ineligible for a third term.

Faculty Development Team Charges

2019-2020 Faculty Development Team Charges

  1. Identify a liaison to serve on the advisory committee for 2020-2021 Colleague Development Day programming.
  2. Identify a liaison to serve on the advisory committee for August 2020 New Faculty Orientation.
  3. Participate in New Faculty Orientation in August 2020 by attending a portion of the programming to better understand content and provide feedback.
  4. Create an "adjunct page" with key links for new adjunct faculty for inclusion in the faculty handbook, recognizing the needs of faculty from all three campuses.
  5. Survey mid-career faculty members about the particular needs and challenges they face post-tenure; gauge interest in a mid-career faculty seminar and/or community of support.
  6. Research useful resources and/or texts that could be shared with new faculty hires, e.g. Maryellen Weimer’s Inspired college teaching: A career-long resource for professional growth (2010).
  7. Identify possible topics and speakers for faculty-led presentations on topics relevant to faculty development, e.g. Life-work balance;   Finding time for writing; 5-minute teaching hacks; Who are our students? Provide specific recommendations, if appropriate for Colleague Development Day speakers.

Faculty Development Team General Charges 2019-2020

  • Review the attached Roles and Responsibilities for MFA Committees and University Teams. Note important dates.
  • Review the University of Detroit Mercy 2019-2024 Strategic Plan.
  • Check the webpage for the specific Team or Committee to determine information provided is accurate.
  • Keep the University community informed of committee/team activities by providing mid-year and annual reports to be posted to the shared governance website. The secretary of the committee is responsible for sending these documents to

Committee and Team Roles and Responsibilities