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Shared Governance at Detroit Mercy: MFA Roster

MFA Structure

  • Each college/school/libraries will have at least two representatives. In addition, those units with more than 20 full-time faculty will receive one additional representative for every additional 10 such faculty. (For example, a school with 1-20 full-time faculty has two elected representatives; a school with 21-30 full-time faculty has three elected representatives; a school with 31-46 full-time faculty has four elected representatives, etc.)
  • The size of the MFA will fluctuate with both the increase and decrease in the full-time faculty within the colleges/schools/libraries. By the end of January of each year, the MFA will verify the number of full-time faculty within the colleges/schools/or libraries and adjust the MFA representation as required. MFA representatives are elected by votes of the full-time faculty within their respective school/college/libraries.
  • For these purposes, full-time faculty include faculty on phased retirement that are considered full-time. (Shared Governance Final Modification, p.26)

MFA Executive Committee

The MFA develops its own internal organizational structure, including electing from among its members five officers: President, Vice President, Secretary, Parliamentarian, and Communications Officer. The officers function collectively as an Executive Committee and a liaison on behalf of the MFA to the university administration.


Terms expire 2023

President - Jennifer Bowen (LIB)
Vice President - Nadine Wodwaski (CHP)
Secretary - Utayba Mohammad (CES)
Communications Officer - Thomas Fockler (CHP)
Parliamentarian - Greg Grobis (CLAE)

MFA Representatives to the Board of Trustees Academic Affairs Committee

Terms expire 2023

President - Jennifer Bowen
Vice President - Nadine Wodwaski

MFA Elections Committee

Nadine Wodwaski, Vice President (MSON) - Ex Officio

Renee Courtney (MSON)

Marlene Shaw-Gallagher (Physician Assistant)

MFA Roster

School of Architecture and Community Development

James Leach (term expires 2023)* - Lead Representative
Kris Nelson (term expires 2024)

College of Business Administration

Fang Yang (term expires 2023)*
Wonseok Choi (term expires 2024)* - Lead Representative

College of Engineering and Science

Mara Livezey (Chemistry) (term expires 2023)*
Nicol Najor (Biology) (term expires 2023)
Stokes Baker (Biology) (term expires 2024)
Greg Grabowski (Biology) (term expires 2024)*
Utayba Mohammad (Electrical Engineering) (term expires 2024) - Lead Representative

College of Health Professions

Renee Courtney (MSON) (term expires 2023) - Lead Representative
Thomas Fockler (Health Service Administration) (term expires 2023)
Nadine Wodwaski (MSON) (term expires 2023)*
Kimberly Moner (MSON) (term expires 2024)
Marlene Shaw-Gallagher (PA) (term expires 2024)

College of Liberal Arts and Education

Nickolas Davis (Social Work) (term expires 2023)
Mary-Catherine Harrison (English) (term expires 2023)*
Hsiao-Lan Hu (Religious Studies) (term expires 2023)*
Greg Grobis (Theater) (term expires 2024)*
OPEN (term expires 2024)
Miao Qian (Psychology) (term expires 2024)


Sandra Wilson (term expires 2023)* - Lead Representative
Jennifer Bowen (term expires 2024)*

*Served two terms. Ineligible to serve a third term.