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Shared Governance at Detroit Mercy: Assessment Team

Assessment Team

The Assessment Team shares best practices regarding assessment, reviews the assessment methodologies being used by each school, and identifies those schools in which assessment activities require improvement. This Team collects assessment information on a regular basis, compiles reports, and forwards information to key stakeholders including, but not limited to, Deans, members of the Assessment Team, and the Provost/VPAA. The Assessment Team analyzes collected data and makes recommendations concerning identified needs or gaps to enhance assessment, suggests continuing education, and documents strengths and weaknesses identified as part of assessment as well as efforts that occurred to address those needs.

Assessment Team Structure

The Assessment Team reports to the Provost/VPAA and is a twelve-member team with:

  • one representative of the Corktown campus
  • one representative of the Riverfront campus
  • one representative from each of the McNichols campus colleges/schools (selected by the college/school)
  • one librarian from the Libraries that report to the Dean of University Libraries and Instructional Technology
  • one representative from the Core Curriculum Committee
  • one faculty member selected by the MFA from among its members
  • two administrative representatives, one of whom is the Director of Assessment*


*The structure has been temporarily modified with the approval of the Shared Governance Task Force to reflect the elimination of the Director of Assessment position.

Assessment Team Minutes

Assessment Team Operational Policies and Procedures

Assessment Team Roster

Corktown Campus
Joshua Scheys (term expires 8/25)

Riverfront Campus
Paula Manning (term expires 8/24)

School of Architecture and Community Development
Sarida Scott (term expires 8/25) - Co-Chair

College of Business Administration
Min Xu (term expires 8/25)

College of Engineering and Science
Mariam Faied (term expires 8/24)* - Secretary

College of Health Professions
Kelli Frost (term expires 8/24)* - Co-Chair

College of Liberal Arts and Education
Varinder Kaur (term expires 8/24)

Jill Turner (term expires 8/24)*

Core Curriculum Committee
OPEN (term expires 8/24)

MFA Representative
Preston Foerder (term expires 8/24)

Administrative Representatives
Karen Lee, Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs (term not limited)
Noah Resnick, Associate Dean, SACD (term expires 8/25)

*Ineligible for a third term.

Committee and Team Roles and Responsibilities

Assessment Team Charges

2023-2024 Assessment Team Charges

  • Offer to meet and provide workshops or assistance to individual programs about programmatic assessment.
  • Collect the annual assessment reports from all academic, professional, and co-curricular programs by December 15, 2023.
  • Provide feedback to programs regarding revised/initial assessment plans and annual assessment reports.
  • Follow up with the programs that received revision feedback on their assessment plans/reports and provide support as needed..
  • Promote graduate program outcome alignment with Institutional Outcomes.
  • Coordinate with the Core Curriculum and Co-Curricular Assessment team representatives about the course and co-curricular assessment process as needed.