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Shared Governance at Detroit Mercy: Shared Governance Task Force

Shared Governance Task Force Structure

The Task Force is comprised of:

  • five administrative representatives appointed by the Provost/VPAA including:
    • representatives from the McNichols campus
    • one representative from the Corktown campus
    • representative from the Riverfront campus
  • four elected McNichols campus faculty

Shared Governance Task Force Minutes

Shared Governance Task Force Roster

McNichols Administrative Representatives
Janet Baiardi, CHP (term expires 3/21)*
Jennifer Dean, LIB (term expires 3/21)* - Co-Chair
Noah Resnick, SOA (term expires 3/21)

Corktown Administrative Representation
Thomas Sklut (term expires 3/21)

Riverfront Administrative Representation
Catherine Archibald (term expires 3/21)

McNichols Campus Faculty
Julia Eisenstein, LIB (term expires 3/20) - Secretary
Maia Platt, CHP (term expires 3/20)
Greg Ulferts, CBA  (term expires 3/21)
Theresa Wyatt (term expires 3/21) - Co-Chair


*Served two terms. Ineligible to serve a third term.

Shared Governance Task Force Charges

Shared Governance Task Force Charges 2019-2020

  1. Invite the Provost/VPAA and the President of the MFA to a meeting to discuss the SGTF charges.
  2. Seek feedback from relevant stakeholders e.g. faculty, Committee/Team Chairs, about the feasibility of the current Committee and Team structure, size, and responsibilities.
  3. Review Shared Governance Modification Proposal and identify necessary revisions, including the Teams/Committees structure; edit the document for clarity when appropriate and modify content, descriptions of roles, responsibilities or other key sections when appropriate and needed.