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Shared Governance at Detroit Mercy: Shared Governance Task Force

Shared Governance Task Force Structure

The Task Force is comprised of:

  • five administrative representatives appointed by the Provost/VPAA including:
    • representatives from the McNichols campus
    • one representative from the Corktown campus
    • representative from the Riverfront campus
  • four elected McNichols campus faculty

Shared Governance Task Force Minutes

Shared Governance Issues Management

The Shared Governance Task Force (SGTF) is responsible for monitoring university shared governance activities and ensuring adherence to the structure and operations outlined in the Shared Governance Modification Proposal (SGMP) approved by the five university entities: faculty on the McNichols, Riverfront, and Corktown Campuses; university administration; and the Board of Trustees. In this role, the SGTF serves as a resource for individuals or entities with questions about relative powers, responsibilities, and protocols under the university’s shared governance framework. 

SGTF may serve as an advisory body to help facilitate effective shared governance at the level of school/college/libraries. In these contexts, the role of the SGTF is restricted to questions about the relative powers, responsibilities, and protocols within the school/college/libraries and whether they are consistent with the SGMP. The SGTF holds no authority over elections/appointments or internal shared governance operational policies of colleges/schools/libraries which are consistent with the university SGMP and will operate within the underlying principle (1.4) of the SGMP “that different parts of the university must have substantial freedom and autonomy….This principle recognizes the rights and responsibilities of each of the school/college/[and libraries] on the three campuses to develop their own shared governance structure.”

Any individual or shared governance entity may contact the SGTF for answers to shared governance questions; interpretation of shared governance documents; or to report a possible violation of shared governance.  In the latter case, the SGTF will determine whether a violation of shared governance has occurred and, if there is a violation, may make recommendations to the originator of the submitted conflict and the Provost/VPAA on changes necessary to resolve the violation. 

Contact the SGTF:


Approved: MFA, ALT, SGTF April 2021

Shared Governance Task Force Roster

McNichols Administrative Representatives
Noah Resnick, SACD (term expires 8/24)* - Chair
Nutrena Tate, CHP (term expires 8/25)*
Jill Turner (term expires 8/25) 

Corktown Administrative Representation
David Fischer (term expires 8/25)* - Secretary

Riverfront Administrative Representation
Patrick Meyer (term expires 8/24)

McNichols Campus Faculty
Renee Courtney, CHP (term expires 8/24)
Kristen Nelson, SACD (term expires 8/24)
OPEN (term expires 8/25)
Nour Lyon, CHP (term expires 8/25)

*Ineligible to serve a third term.

Shared Governance Employee Participation