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Shared Governance at Detroit Mercy: Undergraduate Standards and Enrollment Management Committee

Undergraduate Standards and Enrollment Management Committee

The Undergraduate Standards and Enrollment Management Committee reviews and makes recommendations of proposals for new undergraduate certificates, minors and parameters for what should be included in an undergraduate syllabus, student recruitment strategies, student retention strategies, faculty and staff development initiatives to contribute to retention processes for undergraduate programs, honors standards, transfer standards, grading policy, marketing strategies of programs, and any cross-cutting undergraduate-related policies. This committee is also charged with providing recommendations to both the MFA and the Provost/VPAA on the restructuring of academic advising procedures.

Undergraduate Standards and Enrollment Management Committee Structure

The thirteen-member MFA Committee includes:

  • one faculty representative elected from each of the colleges/schools on the McNichols Campus
  • one librarian from the Libraries that report to the Dean of University Libraries and Instructional Technology
  • one faculty member selected by the MFA from among its members
  • six non-voting administrative representatives designated by the Provost/VPAA, one from the Office of the Registrar, one from the Office of Admissions, one from the Office of Student Affairs, one from the Office of Student Life, one resident advisor from the dorms, and one from Athletics.

Undergraduate Standards and Enrollment Management Committee Minutes

Undergraduate Standards and Enrollment Management Committee Roster

School of Architecture
Tadd Heidgerken (term expires 3/20)

College of Business Administration
OPEN (term expires 3/21)

College of Engineering and Science
Greg Grabowski (term expires 3/21)

College of Health Professions
Karen Harris (term expires 3/20), Secretary

College of Liberal Arts and Education
Sharla Fasko (term expires 3/20)

Rebecca Tull (term expires 3/21)

MFA Representative
James Leach (term expires 3/20) - Chair

Non-Voting Administrative Representatives
Diane Praet, Associate Vice President and Registrar, Office of the Registrar (term not limited)
Betsey Rheaume, Associate Director, Office of Admissions (term expires 3/21)*
TBD, Office of Student Affairs, (term expires 3/19)
TBD, Office of Student Life (term expires 3/19)
OPEN, Resident Advisor (term expires 3/21)
Teri Kromrei, Associate Athletics Director, Internal Affairs, Department of Athletics (term expires 3/21)*

Undergraduate Standards and Enrollment Management Committee Charges

Undergraduate and Enrollment Committee Charges 2019-20209

  • Read the Strategic Plan, specifically Goal 3, to determine how the Committee can support the goals and strategies identified and if appropriate contribute to the implementation of the Plan.
  • Identify a member of the Committee to serve as liaison to the University Retention Task Force that will be convened in the Fall 2019.
  • Identify a subcommittee to work on the following retention-specific goals:
    • Identify actionable and prioritized recommendations to increase student success and retention of undergraduate students.
    • Support student success and retention through campus communications and programming, e.g. Colleague Development.
  • Continue to review and offer timely feedback on proposals forwarded by the leadership of the McNichols Faculty Assembly and/or Clearinghouse.
  • Meet jointly at least once per academic year with representatives of the Graduate Standards amd Enrollment Management Committee to discuss possible areas of common concern and potential synergies.

Undergraduate Standards and Enrollment Management Committee General Charges 2019-2020

  • Review the attached Roles and Responsibilities for MFA Committees and University Teams. Note important dates.
  • Review the University of Detroit Mercy 2019-2024 Strategic Plan.
  • Check the webpage for the specific Team or Committee to determine information provided is accurate.
  • Keep the University community informed of committee/team activities by providing mid-year and annual reports to be posted to the shared governance website. The secretary of the committee is responsible for sending these documents to

Committee and Team Roles and Responsibilities