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Shared Governance at Detroit Mercy: Mission Effectiveness Team

Mission Effectiveness Team

The Mission Effectiveness Team develops ongoing education and promotion of mission fulfillment, coordinates awards to recognize those who foster the mission, and consistently seeks ideas from other similarly situated universities to promote even further the development of mission at Detroit Mercy.

Mission Effectiveness Team Structure

Nine-member team which reports to the Provost/VPAA and through that office to other bodies as appropriate includes:

  • one representative from University Ministry
  • one representative from the Sisters of Mercy affiliated with the University
  • one representative from the Society of Jesus affiliated with the University
  • two faculty representatives elected by the McNichols campus faculty
  • one staff representative
  • one Corktown campus representative
  • one Riverfront campus representative
  • one faculty member selected by the MFA from among its members


Mission Effectiveness Team Minutes

Mission Effectiveness Team Roster

University Ministry
Anna Lawler (term expires 8/24) - Secretary

Sisters of Mercy
Sr. Renee Kettering (term expires 8/25)*

Society of Jesus
Si Hendry, SJ (term expires 8/24)*

McNichols Faculty
Lori Glenn, CHP (term expires 8/24) - Co-Chair
Mary-Catherine Harrison, CLAE (term expires 8/25) - Co-Chair

Carmen Gamlin (term expires 8/25)*

Christina Van Dam (term expires 8/25)*

Andrew Moore (term expires 8/24)

MFA Representative
OPEN (term expires 8/24)

Invited Participant

Charles Oduke, Vice President for Mission Integration (term expires 8/24)
Ashlee Barnes, CHP, (term expires 8/24)

*Ineligible for a third term.

Committee and Team Roles and Responsibilities

Mission Effectiveness Team Charges

       2023-2024 Mission Effectiveness Team Charges

  • Support the annual theme (Care for the Earth).
  • Review nomination and selection processes along with the newly established timeline for Awards (Vivere ex Missione, Agere ex Missione, Mission Steward). Select recipients of the awards.
  • Determine effective ways to communicate the work of the MET, especially as it relates to the mission awards.
  • Work in collaboration with the incoming Vice President for Mission Integration and Office of Mission Integration.
  • Continue to engage the diverse voices of the MET membership (current and future appointees).
  • Continue with co-chairs for this Team to facilitate meeting goals. 
  • Continue to include the Vice President for Mission Integration in MET work.
  • Appraise new members of the key mission documents, including the Examen Report, OMI Self Study, and Mission statements from various colleges, schools, and departments.
  • Announce the Mission Leaderships Awards on Campus Connection. Coordinate with the university president to publicize the Mission Leadership Awards and solicit nominations.
  • Communicate with MarCom to keep the Mission Leadership Awards webpage up-to-date.
  • Participate in a listening session with Credo Consulting about UDM’s strategic plan.