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Shared Governance at Detroit Mercy: Mission Effectiveness Team

Mission Effectiveness Team

The Mission Effectiveness Team develops ongoing education and promotion of mission fulfillment, coordinates awards to recognize those who foster the mission, and consistently seeks ideas from other similarly situated universities to promote even further the development of mission at Detroit Mercy.

Mission Effectiveness Team Structure

Nine-member team which reports to the Provost/VPAA and through that office to other bodies as appropriate includes:

  • one representative from University Ministry
  • one representative from the Sisters of Mercy affiliated with the University
  • one representative from the Society of Jesus affiliated with the University
  • two faculty representatives elected by the McNichols campus faculty
  • one staff representative
  • one Corktown campus representative
  • one Riverfront campus representative
  • one faculty member selected by the MFA from among its members


Procedures for Mission Awards

Mission Effectiveness Team Minutes

Mission Effectiveness Team Roster

University Ministry
Erin McDonald (term expires 3/21)

Sisters of Mercy
Judith Mouch, RSM (term expires 3/21)*

Society of Jesus
Damian Torres-Botello, S.J. (term expires 3/21)*, Chair

McNichols Faculty
Terry Howard, CBA (term expires 3/20)
Mara Livezey, CES  (term expires 3/21)

Brigette Murphy-Barbee, Business Manager, SOA (term expires 3/21)*

Divesh Byrappagari (term expires 3/21)*

Jordan Hall (term expires 3/20)

MFA Representative
Julia Stocker-Schneider, CHP (term expires 3/20)

Invited Participant
Amy Keyzer, Administrative Assistant, LIB (term expires 3/20)
Sean Novak, Associate Registrar (term expires 3/20)

*Served two terms, ineligible for a third term.

Committee and Team Roles and Responsibilities

Mission Effectiveness Team Charges

       2019-2020 Mission Effectiveness Team Charges

       1. Build a collaborative and cooperative relationship with with Dr. Catherine Punsalan-Manlimos, Assistant to the President for Mission Integration, to engage in dialog and activity  while continuing to identify and develop goals and priorities that align with and support: 

  •         Detroit Mercy's Shared Governance
  •         Office of the Provost/Academic Affairs
  •         Office for Mission Integration
  •         Detroit Mercy's 2019-2024 Strategic Plan

       2. Work with the Office of the President to review / update the timeline for the Mission Awards.

       3. Promote, solicit, and select recipients for the Vivere and Agere ex Missione Awards.

       4. Reexamine proposed Guiding Values and resubmit foreview by the President’s Cabinet at the completion of the reexamination.

       5. Begin developing a yearlong program through self-guided education and formation of the Mission Effectiveness Team by reading, reflecting, discussing, and understanding the following:

a.    the stories of Catherine McAuley and Ignatius of Loyola;

b.    the charisms of the Sisters of Mercy and the Jesuits;

c.    the sponsoring orders' entrance into higher education;

d.    the history of University of Detroit Mercy;

e.    the findings of the self-studies;

f.     the Critical Concerns (CC) and the Universal Apostolic Preferences (UAP);

g.   the meaning of the CC and UAP for Detroit Mercy


Mission Effectiveness Team General Charges 2019-2020

  • Review the attached Roles and Responsibilities for MFA Committees and University Teams. Note important dates.
  • Review the University of Detroit Mercy 2019-2024 Strategic Plan.
  • Check the webpage for the specific Team or Committee to determine information provided is accurate.
  • Keep the University community informed of committee/team activities by providing mid-year and annual reports to be posted to the shared governance website. The secretary of the committee is responsible for sending these documents to


Mission Effectiveness Team Permanent Charges

  • Develop ongoing education and promotion of mission fulfillment, coordinate awards to recognize those who foster the mission, and consistently seek ideas from other similarly situated universities to promote even further the development of mission at Detroit Mercy.
  • Continually seek out what is being done for mission effectiveness at other Mercy and Jesuit institutions of higher education and benchmark itself against the other institution’s efforts.
  • Develop opportunities for university-supported community projects and volunteer opportunities, coordinate an annual faculty lecture regarding urban issues, encourage members of the team to join students on the fall term service projects and reflect on experiences, and work with the Institute for Leadership and Service to have student experiences written and included in college/school alumni newsletters or Campus Connection.
  • Establish a permanent Community Service Outreach or Community Service Engagement sub-team for mission, with representatives from already mission-driven initiatives such as the law clinics, McAuley Health Center, DCDC, Dental clinic, Psychology clinic, University Ministry, etc. This sub-team would recruit other faculty, staff, and students from their respective campus to work on specific projects (e.g. Habitat for Humanity projects, Christmas party at an elementary school in a low-income area), and to brainstorm fundraising/donation projects that are university-wide rather than having individual efforts on each campus.
  • Reach out annually to the members of student government, especially on issues of social justice, ethics, and mission orientation.