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Shared Governance at Detroit Mercy: Other Task Forces/Work Groups /Ad Hoc Committees

Academic Advising Committee

Felicia Hartinger
Amber Johnson
Holly Kerstner
Taessa Malone-Carter
Victoria Mantzopolous
Matthew Mio
Diane Praet
Carolyn Rimle
Amy Wisniewski

Annual Report Revision Committee

Patricia Devoy
Lori Glenn
Christine Pacini
Kirsti Plantenberg
Linda Slowik
Katherine Snyder
Pamela Zarkowski

Antiracism Task Force

Ricardo Acevedo
Juliette Daniels
Dawna Edwards Rodgers
Grace Gamble
Jordan Hall
Renady Hightower
J. Timothy Hipskind
Amber Johnson
Yvonne King
Anita Klueg
Melvin Lunkins
Jahzara Mayes
Erin McDonald
Megan Novell
Catherine Punsalan-Manlimos
Wyman Stewart
Prasad Venugopal
Lara Wasner

Campus Climate Assessment Committee

Relicious Eboh
Yvonne King
Jahzara Mayes
Alex Meyers
Adrianna Moreno
Dan Pitera
Katherine Snyder
Lilymae Swan
Robert Vowels
Shelley Wagnon
Pamela Zarkowski

Commencement Planning Committee


Crystal Becker
Gary Erwin
Sunny Kerschenheter
Lisa MacDonnell
Diane Praet
Ed Tracy, II

On-Campus Events

Tim Fair
Daniel Grieg
Alysa Jackson
Yvonne King
Lisa MacDonnell
Maryrose Patrick
Peggy Pattison
Dave Pemberton
Diane Praet
Dorothy Stewart
Dave Vandelinder
Monica Williams
Amy Wisniewski


COVID-19 Task Force

Netina Anding-Moore Megan Jennings
Monica Barbour Lisa MacDonnell
Tammy Batcheller Thomas Manceor
Joelyn Beaver Diane Praet
Ronald Bernas Catherine Punsalan-Manlimos
Sanjay Chand Annamaria Silveri
Juliette Daniels Debbie Stieffel
Gary Erwin Sigrid Streit
Joel Gallihugh Lilymae Swan
Antoine Garibaldi Edward Tracy, II
Lanae Gill David Vandelinder
Mary-Catherine Harrison Monica Williams
Alysa Jackson Pamela Zarkowski


Facilities Plan Advisory Committee

The Facilities Plan Advisory Committee (FPAC) was recommended by the MFA to Provost Zarkowski as a mechanism by which to enhance the communication process about the facilities' renovation, as well as a means by which to engage faculty and administration in an iterative process about the project as it relates to faculty, departmental, and educational means. The FPAC is advisory to the Provost and the McNichols Faculty Assembly.


Tammy Batcheller
Nancy Calleja
Mark Denham
Lori Glenn
Greg Grobis
Tadd Heidgerken
Steven Huprich
Thomas Manceor
David Vandelinder

Committee Charges

1. To work in the spirit of shared governance, with an emphasis on collaboration, transparency, and working in a professional, colleagial manner.

2.  To coordinate with facilities personnel to facilitate and ensure timely communication to the McNichols campus faculty and staff about project plans, developments, and upcoming transitions.

3. To provide communication to the Detroit Mercy administration and architects overseeing the construction project about faculty needs, requests, and support of the project plans.

4. To engage in an iterative process by which the administration will share ideas and questions with the advisory committee, who will then share such ideas and questions with the faculty.  Subsequently, the advisory committee would share faculty responses with the administration in order to engage in and maintain a strong, working relationship.

5. To accurately support and effectively advocate for the needs and sentiments of faculty throughout this process, so that their effectiveness as teachers, researchers, scholars, advisors, and clinical supervisors may be enhanced. 

Higher Learning Commission Steering Committee (2019-2021)

Janet Baiardi
Nancy Calleja
Shuvra Das
Karen Lee
Sr. Judy Mouch

IRB Committee

Jocelyn Bennett-Garraway
Elizabeth Hill
Pat Rouen
Curtis Smith
James Tubbs
Michelle Wheater
Jim Windell

Return to Campus Work Group

Tammy Batcheller
Ronald Bernas
Gary Erwin
Lanae Gill
Mary-Catherine Harrison
Peggy Pattison
Catherine Punsalan-Manlimos
Noah Resnick
Annamaria Silveri
Edward Tracy, II
Pamela Zarkowski

Strategic Implementation Planning Task Force

Steven Abell Amber Johnson Carolyn Rimle
Nancy Calleja Gnananda Joshi Elizabeth Royal
Dennis Carlesso Chris Kolon Albert Sachtelben
Teri Carroll Teri Kromrei Nicholas Schroeck
Arnold D'Ambrosio Karen Lee Ann Serra
Juliette Daniels Yvonne Lindstrom Annamaria Silveri
Shuvra Das Thomas Manceor Cliff Sims
Don DiPaolo Sr. Erin McDonald Dorothy Stewart
Gary Erwin Matthew Mio Debbie Steiffel
Lanae Gill Brigette Murphy-Barbee Dave Vanelinder
Erica Graze Anthony Neely Robert Vowles
Justin Hairston Megan Novell Shelley Wagnon
Felicia Hartinger Ceara O'Leary Monica Williams
John Hitchings Lauren Paton  
Abiodun Ige Dan Pitera  
Alysa Jackson Catherine Punsalan-Manlimos  
Megan Jennings    


Student Success and Retention

Lanae Gill
Greg Grabowski
Felicia Hartinger
Janet Joiner
Holly Kerstner
Alexander Zamalin